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Sept 24 2013 

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FeaturesPlan P1 Trial Plan E 3 Trial5thNK's comments your partner
Monthly user cost paid directly to Microsoft $6 $24 A better comparison would be E1 which is $10.00  
Web-based email  YES YES Plan E2, and E1 too  Plan's E1 and E2 also include Web-based email  
Web-base Outlook YES YES  Plan's E1 and E2 YES  
25GB Storage YES YES Plans E1 and E2 YES 
25MB Maximum attachments YES YES Plans E1 and E2 YES 
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Online Services Transactions 
Office 365 Subscriptions 324
New within the last 30 Days 38
Trials total 287

Units Sold by Products 
Exchange Online Kiosk 40
Exchange Online Plan 1