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The Size of 10 Football Fields... YES!

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Question: Where are Microsoft Online Service data centers located?

As a standard policy, Microsoft does not disclose the location of its data centers. Microsoft operates between 10 and 100 data centers located around the world. The following are locations Microsoft has elected to disclose to the general public:

For customers with a Ship-To Address in the Americas:

Quincy, Washington San Antonio, Texas  
Chicago, Illinois and other United States-based Data Centers

For customers with a European Union Ship-To Address:

Dublin, Ireland
Amsterdam, Netherlands
United States

For customers with an Asia-Pacific Ship-To Address:

Hong Kong 
United States

A view of the container area in the new Microsoft data center in Chicago (click to see a larger version of this image).

Microsoft’s new $500 million Chicago data center is one of the largest data centers ever built, spanning more than 700,000 square feet. But it’s also one of the most unusual, with its garage-like lower level optimized for 40-foot shipping containers packed with web servers, while a second story houses traditional raised-floor data center space. Microsoft opened the facility for a tour on Sept. 30.

About a dozen parking spaces in the ”container canyon” (shown above) are occupied by containers packed with servers and, in some cases, equipment to power and cool the servers. Each row of containers plugs into a spine providing hookups on the lower level, with power distribution equipment on a mezzanine level. With double-stacked containers, portable stairs can be wheeled in to provide access for maintenance.

This view of the container area also provides a look at the ceiling, where you can see large ductwork for the cooling system, as well as the extensive conduits for power and fiber.

Microsoft hasn’t disclosed its total number of servers, but Chrapaty told the MMS audience that the company’s infrastructure is growing by 10,000 servers per month. Here’s some context for that number: Last week we noted that Facebook now has 10,000 servers powering its platform. That means that every month Microsoft is essentially adding a Facebook worth of servers.

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