Moving to Office 365

moving to office 365

Things that will not be missed by moving to Office 365 (Discussion)

moving to Office 365

Some of the support tasks I will not miss when we move businesses from Microsoft on premises services to Office 365. 
Here are 5 to kick off - can you add to this list?

1. Worrying if the 7 year old server will make it through the night
2. Forgetting to swap the external backup device
3. Taking the other external backup home and putting it somewhere safe where the dog won't vomit on it
4. Dealing with users who cannot connect remotely to the company file server
5. Creating endless .pst files as users reach their Exchange storage limit

moving to office 365
6. (Southern California) Worrying that wild fires or prolonged electricity outages will take down my business communications. 

7. (SMB IT provider related) Explaining why I need to spend an hour of billable time updating the email server every month. 

8. (SMB to Enterprise) No more overbuying servers for potential future growth. Customer pays for what they need when they need it.

moving to Office 365

9. No more IP blacklist problems due to users getting malware, viruses or misconfigured DNS.

moving to office 365

10. Explaining Microsoft licensing and the difference between Open Value, Open Value Subscription, Open Business, SPLA, blah, blah, blah to someone who doesn't really care yet again...

moving to office 365
11. Listening to highly paid IT pros talk about 'freeing up disk space' on Exchange server each week or having to setup low email
quotas for each user (like < 1 GB).

moving to office 365-6
Its one of the worst things about my profession; management of exchange servers just doesn't happen with any sort of user focus. Suggesting to people that 500mb mailboxes are adequate these days is just laughable. Agree with all of the above points, it makes the whole email provision 'simpler' and cost effective. 

12) not having to deal with the dated webmail interface of exchange 2010. 

13) being able to script everything with Powershell and gaining a significant performance increase as a result.

moving to Office 365

14. No more building of HA Infrastructures for 20 mailboxes

moving to Office 365

15. Free upgrade when there's a new product release instead of buying a new version.

moving to office 365

16. Saving thousands in financial terms on meetings we'd have to travel to that can be done using Lync...

moving to office 365

16. The cost of running, cooling, securing and maintaining an on premise server.

 It may take an hour to receive your first email
due to replication of DNS changes, service is still provisioning 
What is included with your 30 day trial? 

 Office 365 Plan P1 Trial
Trial invitation

10 User Licenses
NO 24X7X365 support

 Office 365 Plan E3 Trial
Trial invitation

25 User Licenses
YES 24X7X365 Support Direct to Microsoft

Lync mobile clients link for smart phones
-30 day no-risk trial 
-10 user per trial
-NO 24X7X365 support
 30 day no-risk trial 
25 user per trial
-YES 24X7X365 Support Direct to Microsoft