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I am using the BETA of 365. So I now have  2 Portals that I log into using the same Windows Live Credentials. I only want one portal. There are still to many portals with MS 365. I suppose if you are a user not to many portals. If you are a reseller, and you are traveling through this process there are to many portals. "I am reminded of Star Trek with all the portal talk". Scotty...beam me up there is no intelligent life here! 

 From inside the outlook web based client I decided to click on the like it? don't like it? I was taken to this portal/link/                               OR if you will 

  OR another screen appeared with a nice looking lady with her hair flipped to the side with answers 

In fact when I clipped the image I named it... ms lady hair flip to the side. One would think I would name it something like, MS outlook live answers. 
okay I digress. 

Kind of like being at the fair and readying one self to win a stuffed animal. First though I have to stand in the ticket line that won't take 50 dollar bills, dam, to then go to the cash machine that is out of money and now I am back at the front gate, and all I wanted was to win the stuffed animal by throwing balls in the basket. I am really good  at that. Upon throwing the ball you need to spin it backwards and land it just on the rim of the basket and DONE! 
However I am at the front gate with a $50 bill in my hand. What do to?? I know the guy sitting on the sidewalk with the cardboard sign has change in the box sitting in front of him just next to his dog. I will give him the $50 and take his change. YES! Problem solved. I can now win the stuffed animal because I have the correct change. "The things we do."   

If you read the above story, and are wondering what I am talking about then welcome to the Real smart people at MS. There interface images, prompts, that  take me to the next logical portal with choices that line up to the image is like the above story, on just trying to throw a ball into the barrell to win the stuffed animal. Some things never change. 

My favorite browser which I use for mostly everything is RockMelt. RockMelt was designed by the guys and gals who introduced the world's first browser known as Netscape. My 2nd favorite browser is Firefox. The add ons are incredible. My 3rd favorite is Chrome from Google. I like all these browsers. I like RockMelt because it ties me into Facebook and other social sites with links that appear on the edges of both sides of the browser. Cool for sure, love it! 

So what does that have to do with anything about MS 365? I have to use my least favorite browser IE explorer. What are they thinking the real smart people at MS? Dude! To me Internet Explorer is like Film Based Cameras from Kodak!!!