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Only Microsoft Office 365 Subscription Advisors can offer trials  
You don't need to install anything in order to use Office 365
All Office 365 products, are paid for on a subscription basis, monthly or annually. 
With a subscription, you’ll always get the latest version — Office 2015, Office 2031, Office 2119 etc etc etc
You can download and run the Office programs on up to 5 computers, including Macs and PCs. You can change which 5 they are at any time. 
Office 365 FAQ   Payments are Made DIRECT to Microsoft with a Credit Card   Office 365 FAQ
Only Microsoft Office 365 Subscription Advisors can offer trials and Purchase Offerings 
365 "CLICK-TO-RUN" = On Demand Standard365

All Offerings deploy from a Microsoft Owned Data Center run by Microsoft employees

With Office 365 your data is safer, thanks to robust disaster recovery capabilities.
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Microsoft Office 365
Step 1: Start your deployment
Step 1: Start your deployment
It’s time to move your business to the cloud
Hello Rick,
Welcome to your Microsoft® Office 365 subscription. 

Designed to meet your needs for robust security, reliability and user productivity, Office 365 reduces the time and effort you must spend managing your email and collaboration servers. While patches and security updates are automatically applied, you stay in control of system administration, making deployment decisions and managing end-user accounts. Office 365 also comes with a financially-backed, guaranteed, 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement.

The following steps will help you begin. Sign in to Office 365 at any time to get started.
Your Office 365 account information:
Sign in to Office 365 at with your Microsoft Online Services ID:
(Your email you signed up with will be right here)
Organization name: Your company name goes here Subscription start date: 06/30/2011 Start Date 
Service: Microsoft Office 365 (Plan E3) Plan Keep your profile up to date
Number of licenses: 10 (Number of users 
Start with these steps:
Take a tour
Take a tour to see how all of your services are organized within the portal. For additional information, download the Introduction for Office 365 administrators.
Add users
Each new user account includes email, calendar, contacts, document collaboration on a Team Site and the ability to hold virtual meetings.Add users on the admin page in the Office 365 portal.
View setup overview page
Visit the setup overview page to learn how to synchronize on-premises mailboxes and Active Directory, configure services for Single Sign-On and connect your email domain.
Use our online wizard for a custom deployment plan specific to your organization, including specific tasks related to Single Sign-On, Active Directory Synchronization and migrating mailboxes to Office 365. 

This message is the first in a series of emails sent to help with the steps on the Office 365 deployment task list. In the next message you'll receive more information about configuring your services.
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Contact your partner
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Deployment Task List
Add users
Add a domain
Set up your desktop for Office 365
Create your custom deployment plan
Download the Office 365 welcome kit
Point your users to the Office 365 Quick Start Guide
Need assistance?
Get phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Participate in theOffice 365 Community to get your questions answered. Join the conversation by following us on Twitter,LinkedIn and Facebook.
Office 365. Ready for work. Whenever you are.
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1.    Introduce prospective Customers to, and advise them on, 
the value Microsoft Office 365 proposition, 
benefits and product, and licensing differences of Online Services versus on-premise solutions.
2.    Provide demonstrations of
office 365 videos
Online Service(s) to Customers
3.    At Customer request, provide Return On Investment / Total Cost of Ownership analysis between 
on-premiseoffice 365 Online Service(s).
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4.    At Customer request, provide solution architecture

for migration of Customers’ environment from 
ms office 365on-premise (or other environment) to Online Service(s).
5. Communicate regularly on Online Services product, office 365 newsoffering and licensing changes and additions of importance to Customers via newsletters, seminars, training meetings and/or other mechanisms.  Company will retain examples of such communications so that they can be validated as desired by Microsoft.
6. Security office 365 Security and Compliance 

7. Where is the  
ms office 365
Microsoft Cloud? 

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