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You can download and run the Office programs on up to 5 computers, including Macs and PCs. You can change which 5 they are at any time. 
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Only Microsoft Office 365 Subscription Advisors can offer trials and Purchase Offerings 
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Exchange Online Kiosk

$2.00 Per user Per Month 
Per User per month Fee     $2.00 
  •   User maximum:

  •  1GB of Mailbox 
  • 1 GB of mailbox storage per user with Exchange Online 
  • Web-based access to email, calendar, contacts, and the company directory through Outlook Web App, powered by Exchange Online 
  •  Premium anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering
  • Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support for smart phones 

  •  POP support for email clients

  •  Access to sites to keep up to date with company news and information with SharePoint Online

  • Create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files via a web browser with Office Web Apps 


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This custom subscription offer is for 1 user. Once you sign up for 1 user you can add 2, 3, up to unlimited meaning thousands

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Exchange Online Kiosk - 1 year term  |  
1  user license at $24.00 per user license, per year$24.00
per year
Subtotal $24.00
per year

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Only Microsoft Office 365 Subscription Advisors can offer trials and Purchase Offerings 

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1.    Introduce prospective Customers to, and advise them on, 
the value Microsoft Office 365 proposition, 
benefits and product, and licensing differences of Online Services versus on-premise solutions.
2.    Provide demonstrations of
office 365 videos
Online Service(s) to Customers
3.    At Customer request, provide Return On Investment / Total Cost of Ownership analysis between 
on-premiseoffice 365 Online Service(s).
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4.    At Customer request, provide solution architecture

for migration of Customers’ environment from 
ms office 365on-premise (or other environment) to Online Service(s).
5. Communicate regularly on Online Services product, office 365 newsoffering and licensing changes and additions of importance to Customers via newsletters, seminars, training meetings and/or other mechanisms.  Company will retain examples of such communications so that they can be validated as desired by Microsoft.
6. Security office 365 Security and Compliance 

7. Where is the  
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Microsoft Cloud? 

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