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Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement Guide

Microsoft Expects us to help you. 


 To be your partner of Record Microsoft expects 5thnK to do the following. 

"We expect to do a lot more."  





New Customer Fees

Opportunity Discovery and Qualification

1.      Perform Online Services pre-sales activities such as development of new and existing sales opportunities and marketing plans.

Customer Engagement

1.    Introduce prospective Customers to, and advise them on, the value proposition, benefits and product, and licensing differences of Online Services versus on-premise solutions.

2.    Provide demonstrations of Online Service(s) to Customers

3.    At Customer request, provide Return On Investment / Total Cost of Ownership analysis between on-premise and Online Service(s).

4.    At Customer request, provide solution architecture for migration of Customers’ environment from on-premise (or other environment) to Online Service(s).


1.      Explain the deployment process, advise Customers on requesting and completing Online Services activation using the MOAC tool and, if requested, provide training to Customers on the MOAC tool (

Partner Training

1.      Maintain competency around Online Services, demonstrated by having a minimum of 2 of its employees complete at least 5 Microsoft Online Services Learning & Readiness courses.  (Available at

Support (Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement Customers only)

1.    For Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement Customers only, if requested by Customer, assist Customers through the applicable process to place orders for Online Service(s) subscriptions.

2.    In addition, for Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement Customers only, if requested by Customer, provide support related to ordering and account setup.






Recurring Fees

Subscription Assistance

1.      Provide advisor support services to Customers for all Online Services Subscriptions for which Company is the Partner of Record.  Examples of such support services include Online Service product and licensing expertise, activation consulting and expertise, and assistance with compliance.

Subscription Renewal

1.      Assist Customers with Online Service renewal by inquiring with Customers regarding their satisfaction with Online Services, reviewing licensing coverage, and recommending relevant additional Online Services or upgrades.

Recurring Communications

1.      Communicate regularly on Online Services product, offering and licensing changes and additions of importance to Customers via newsletters, seminars, training meetings and/or other mechanisms.  Company will retain examples of such communications so that they can be validated as desired by Microsoft.



Note: Microsoft reserves the right to evaluate Company’s performance against the activities listed above and/or to perform random Customer surveys to gauge the quality of service delivered by Company, and use this information as a basis to determine Company’s eligibility to continue receiving Fees.  In addition, Microsoft may review Online Services usage and subscriptions activated by Customers that identified Company as the Partner of Record.



                     2.      Fee requirements. 


a.      Fees will be calculated on a per invoice basis.  For each Customer identifying Company as the Partner of Record, a statement (“Fee Statement”) will be sent with details of the invoice and applicable fees for that Customer.  If applicable, Company must invoice Microsoft (or an affiliate as specified on the Fee Statement) for the Fees associated with that Customer within 30 days after the date of the Fee Statement.  If Company has any questions regarding a Fee Statement, it must contact Microsoft promptly in writing.  Unless Microsoft in its sole discretion allows otherwise, a Fee Statement expires 30 days after the Fee Statement date and no Fees will be paid if Company’s invoice was sent to Microsoft or an affiliate on or after the Fee Statement expiration date.  Fees may be paid in the currency in which Microsoft or an affiliate invoices the customer.


b.      Taxes, credits and other agreements.  Fees are calculated net of taxes and governmental charges received from the Customer.  If the Customer receives a credit from Microsoft or an affiliate (such as due to a pricing promotion or invoicing error, but excluding any credits granted under the terms of a Service Level Agreement), Company’s future Fee payments may be adjusted to reflect the credit.  Microsoft may recover any and all Fees overpaid for any reason, for example as a result of a reduction in the number of licenses in Customer’s Subscription, termination of a Subscription, or termination of the MOSPA.  Fee recovery may be accomplished by reducing future Fees to be paid to Company.


c.      Effect of Termination or Cancelation.  In the event of termination of a Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement or Subscription on which Company is named as the Partner of Record, the Fees will only be paid for the last full calendar month in which the Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement or the Subscription, as applicable, was active.  If a Customer designates a new Partner of Record for a Subscription, the new Partner of Record will receive the Recurring Fees (defined below) as of the effective date of the change in Partner of Record. 


d.      Restrictions on Fees.  No Fees will be paid if Customer opts-out of the Subscription within the first 30 days of the Subscription.  Only Subscriptions with an effective date during the term of this Agreement are eligible for Fees.  Company is not eligible to receive Fees for any Online Services acquired by, or services provided to, Company or any of its affiliates, and vice versa.