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Productivity Videos

These videos provide a survey of common tasks and how you can use SharePoint Online to work more productively.

Streamline document reviews by using workflows Learn how to use the workflows included in SharePoint Online to streamline and regularize your document review process. Easily check the status of a given review at any time.
Work with SharePoint Online content offline Work with your data offline, and then update the content in SharePoint Online when you are able to access the Internet.
Create a site with special permissions Create a new site in SharePoint Online, and then restrict access to that site by setting special permissions for its use. This video shows how to stop inheriting permissions, and then set permissions so that only a particular group of people can access the site and its libraries.
Capture and share information on the go Use OneNote from a mobile device. OneNote makes it possible for all the people on your team to upload text and pictures to a common notebook on a SharePoint site.
Work with SharePoint content in PowerPoint Perform tasks on SharePoint Online content from within Microsoft Office desktop programs, such as PowerPoint.
Schedule and conduct an efficient online meeting

Schedule a meeting in advance with remote participants, post an agenda and otherwise plan for the meeting, then capture the results of the meeting in a central place.

Conduct an impromptu meeting and capture the results Capture decisions made during an IM conversation or video chat by writing up the notes in OneNote and posting them on a team site. Work with attachments and whiteboards.
Update an Access database from SharePoint Online Use Microsoft Office 365 and a Windows 7 smartphone to stay productive on the go. Read and update a team database from your phone.
Record, approve, and manage employee expenses Track employee expense reports by using Office 365. Part I of the demo shows how this expense report solution works. Part II shows how to create the solution, step by step.
Walkthrough: Track and manage computer assets Create a computer asset subsite, turn the home page into a dashboard, create lists and views, set up a recurring Outlook task reminder, and optionally use an Access database to generate several colorful, detailed reports.
Working together on a project (Part 1)

Collaborate with a project team on specs, promotional materials, calendars, and tasks.

Working together on a project (Part 2) Use community features, such as tags, My Site profiles, and keywords to break down silos across departments and locations and promote the sharing of expertise.
SharePoint Office 365 Planning guide

SharePoint Online Planning Guide