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FeaturesPlan P1 Trial Plan E 3 Trial5thNK's comments your partner
FeaturesPlan P1 Trial Plan E 3 Trial5thNK's comments your partner
Monthly user cost paid directly to Microsoft $6 $24 A better comparison would be E1 which is $10.00  
Web-based email  YES YES Plan E2, and E1 too  Plan's E1 and E2 also include Web-based email  
Web-base Outlook YES YES  Plan's E1 and E2 YES  
25GB Storage YES YES Plans E1 and E2 YES 
25MB Maximum attachments YES YES Plans E1 and E2 YES 
Ability to send and receive emails using a custom domain YES YES  Since this is a trial and you can't trial E1 or E2 NO 
Intranet Site for your team YES YES  SharePoint is Bare Bones. You will need to have a resource commonly known as a PERSON who knows SharePoint 5thNK YES  
Advanced support for rich forms and publishing simple databases through Microsoft Access YES YES  Plan E1 and E2 YES 
Advanced Intranet Features  NO YES What does that mean??? We know!  
Multiple Site Collections NO YES Akin to only being able to have one folder in your C drive. SAMO and LAMO! E1 and E2 YES up to 300  
Maximum site Storage Available  10GB of Storage plus 500MB for each user-max 35GB 10GB of Storage plus 500MB for each user-max 5 TB blah blah never settle for less storage... EVER! E1 and E2 YES same as E3 
Hosted Web site YES  NO Do not get sucked in again to the FREE web site thing if you need the other FEATURES! How many reading this own a go Daddy account and you have never used it? Exactly!!!  
External customer facing web site  YES  NO Who cares  
Easy to use Web tool for creating a professional website YES NO Who Cares 
Share your desktop with colleagues YES  YES  E1 and E2 YES 
Instant Messaging, Voice, and Video Conferencing YES YES E1 and E2 YES 
Instant messaging and Colleague availability presence YES YES E1 and E2 YES 
PC to PC audio and video calls and Conferencing  YES  YES  E1 and E2 no 
Web based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote  YES YES E1 NO and E2 YES 
Create, edit and share docs using a web browser YES YES E1 NO E2 and up YES 
Security YES YES YES E1 through E4 
Premium antivirus and anti spam filtering  YES  YES  YES E1 through E4 
YES  YES trial only. Paying customer of P1 NO YES E1 through E4 YES 
Microsoft Moderated Community support (includes forums, blogs, wikiis) YES YES E1 through E4 YES 
Live 24X7 phone support  NO E1 through E4 YES Direct with Microsoft's help support desk  
Showing 25 items
Nov 13, 2011, 5:39 AM